“Trust me… I’m from the Government.”

Part of the anti-vax problem stems from lack of trust in authority and claimed expertise. It is part of the American Dysfunction, that we expect to be lied to, gas-lighted, taken advantage of by those who are meant to protect and serve. We have witnessed and suffered too much corruption, too much plain incompetence and […]

Fourth of July, 2019

I have mixed feelings this Fourth. You who read me here, you know I am a practical progressive, believe in compassion and justice, and utterly deplore the current administration’s  delusional justifications for its program of malicious mischief. With the anti-Americanism rampant throughout Trump’s cabinet and appointees, it is embarrassing to be an American, these days. […]


After several years of blogging on a paid site–http://blogit.com–and a few years editorializing on Facebook, it’s time to go beyond those limited landscapes and head cross-country. What I publish here will reflect my own considered opinions, beliefs, and philosophies derived from a lifetime of experience and observation. My intent to stimulate reconsideration of cherished old […]