Body and Soul

Wandering freely joy-filled Lightcrossing universes with a notionCuriosity on wheels, on wings,on jetpacks, mobile dreamsever always in merry motion…Wants to see, wants to know,no boundaries where the Light can go! Try it out, try it on, form of solid matter–Ponderous, preposterous,time-bound hungering hulk of masssenses appalling and imperious…Wants to touch, to feel, to feedearthbound sack […]

The Wind

You cannot see the wind.    It moves the trees,    pushes clouds across the sky,     surges waves across the lake and sea; You can hear it–    whispering through the forest,    whistling ’round windows and chimney pots    mourning over hollows in the land; You can witness    as it tears the world by shreds    of gossamer and flying signs,    sends dust spiraling up into a summer […]

Under the Night

“Defenseless under the nightOur world in stupor liesYet everywhere ironic points of light flash outwherever the just exchange their messages…“ Like Auden’s flashing lightssparking in the darknessthat so often seemsso immense, so overwhelming,so defeating–we greet each other despite different timesand great distances between,and know that there is Lightalways in the nightand we are not aloneif only […]

Day Light

Sunrise…push against the lightest misty rainoff to the west,a rainbow unfoldingto grace the dawning. Sunlight… strike across the land below the cloudsgilding treetops;Balloons rise like gems againsta steel-blue lowering sky. Sunset…flame upon the sky, rose-gold upon the rising moonthen fade and leave the skyto the bright and wandering stars. 

Suffer the little children…

I’ve just watched something currently available on Amazon Prime:THE WINDERMERE CHILDREN, and its companion documentary : THE WINDERMERE CHILDREN: IN THEIR OWN WORDS. The first is a dramatized account, the second is a documentary produced around the elderly survivors of the Nazi camps, who shared the Windermere experience. In 1945, 300 children and youths who […]


Stay angry! Not riotously, weeping, screaming hate angry–but soul-cleansing angry:Keep burning with the inner fires that burn away the blockages and incursions into your soul that living in these Dysfunctional States of America have enabled. Stay angry, stay determined, stay encouraged! Keep insisting that what we have gotten used to as ‘normal’ is actually mortal […]