Lament For Home

When the night goes dark, 
all glowing wild eyes dimmed and dead;
When the forest goes silent 
of song and cry and roar
and there is only the creaking
of trees moved by the rush of wind;

When flowers no longer hum
with the dancing bee;
When the sky is empty of wings
that glitter and crackle
or softly beat the air;
When water is wild and foul
no longer home to any living thing,
and dry dust bakes unsheltered
from the sightless sun;

When the heart of humanity
is broken with loneliness and shame, 
in a world of only whispers
in the accusing wind,
we will know the truth
that some will still deny:

We had the warnings,
We had the time–
We could have done so many things…

CL Redding July 2015

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