Mueller testifies…

What the House Judiciary Committee members don’t seem to understand is that Americans watching are not only listening to the answers, we are paying close attention to the questioners and the kinds of questions they ask, their manipulative maneuvers, their willingness to actually listen to Mueller. He is not the one being judged here by […]

The Damaged Heart

I’m sorry, I can’t love youlike a love should be…Out here I standbeyond the glass, the wall of distancebetween my heart and the world… Love’s sucha quiet subtle thingso easily drowned outby need and wantand hungers wailingfrom a time–the time when childrenlearn to loveby being loved. I’m sorrymy missing piecesmake this puzzlethat is loveforever incomplete…Yet I want to […]

Orcas and Others in the Wild

There seems to be a correlation between the state of emotions of the observer and the proximity of whales.  I learned this years ago, when I was observing the wild whales and dolphins in the inland passage between Vancouver Island and the mainland of British Columbia.     In the wild, orcas simply did not come around […]


“Don’t leave the Duck unless you hear these words!  If you feel unsafe at any time, feel free to pull down the life-jacket in the netting over your head…”   The captain’s name was Ishmael; the driver’s name was Joe for our tour through the streets and waterways of Singapore.  These two looked like products of […]

Long Island Summers

I’d go backfor just a moment, perhaps as longas one August day and a night,enough, I think, to relish what I lovedabout Long Island summers. Scents of ragweed,seared grasses, almost-too-sweet rosesin the heavy summer air… Glittering waters,hot, hot sandand tiny shellshiding in the dryingseaweed margin of the tide… Early morningssun like a glowing peachsoft-lit hazy cool’til nearly 10… […]


The impassioned moment’s passed,The fight’s gone out of me;tolerance and hope set inwith a sighand by-and-bythis latest violence,outrage, assault against the heart and soulwill pass–and leave me living still and still possessed of most of what I had; Life goes on sublime,absurd,expects the future stillmakes plans investsand wanders down the middle course again somewhere between the hopeless and the glad. Disappointment gnaws away at faith. Perhaps, because […]


Bullies have always relied on the courtesy, the squeamishness and the self-interest of witnesses. Bullies exploit the commitment of the general society to the basic social contracts of the Golden Rule, and all the other philosophical and religious strictures and beliefs that are the foundation of civilization. Bullies surround themselves with gangs of the equally […]

In Defence of Science & Faith

Science and scientists have taken something of a battering in the US over the past several years, over the topic of climate change particularly, but also generally. It comes largely from people who really don’t understand what science is and is not. Maybe they have not really considered the sources of the many benefits of […]