Time Does What Only Time Can Do

Patience is a casualty of this age of immediate information and too-ready opinionating.

On Wednesday, Jan 6, 2021, as all the mayhem played out, conjecture and personal interpretation flew in all directions. The Media did its thing of milking the drama, inflaming and alarming to increase its audience-share. Anxieties were fueled by What Ifs, and Chicken Little was having fits. Then the mockers and jokers moved in to laugh at the ludicrous and the sheer ineptness of the perpetrators, from Trump on down to his vaguest follower, as if no one had died, or taking the attitude that those who died deserved it.

It can be argued that many there were victims of the manipulators and exploiters of mob-mentality. How far back in time does that victimizing go? Who, besides Trump himself, should be held responsible for the body-count? For the emotional distress amplified, aggravated, and played-upon?

There were freak-outs over who won what, who scored points, who made points, or if the whole thing was essentially pointless. There was the indignation that they just walked out again, they got away with it! Of course they didn’t, any more than anyone deserved to die for being negligent, inept, even criminally misled. No one got away with anything. Because the thing isn’t finished yet.

The heat of fears and angers and the initial agog-ness has calmed and the consequences are rolling in. Maybe, in the end, some will get away with less consequence than they should, but without Trump hamstringing the responsible law-enforcement, or empowering the irresponsible, the difference between delusion and reality will be asserting itself for weeks to come: The cows will come home; The chickens will roost.

Is A Puzzlement!

…To quote the King of Siam. (The King and I)

   The Universe is a great, multi-dimensional jigsaw puzzle, with no outside edges.  Each of us has bags of pieces collected over our lifetimes from our own life-experience, and from others whose experience we trust.

  This blog is where I pour out bits from my bag of puzzle pieces: If you see some you like, that look like they might fit into your puzzle as you’ve got it put together so far, take them and play with them and see what you get.  Ignore the ones that are clearly not part of the part of the puzzle you’re working on.  And if you don’t mind, I will paw through the pieces you spill out here, and get all giddy when I find a new one that fits mine! 

     I love that feeling of exhileration that comes when another piece clicks into place, and its seams disappear, and the Big Picture is that bit more revealed.

And that is what this blog is about.

I’ve been asking the Universe to explain itself to me since I was about 11 years old. My question then was how to reconcile God with Science. Being the child of a scientist and a mystic, such a question came naturally to me. Now and then, I seem to tune in on an answer, and the puzzle pieces come together.

All that I write here represents not Truth, but what I believe to be true. I have my reasons, and I like to believe, my reason. I hope it will lead to adult discussion. Not prosletyzing… If that’s what you want to do, you will have to create your own place for it. The Great Puzzle is my metaphor for it. It will be interesting to hear other models and metaphors.



Shadows and light waving,
in the Great Embrace
caress and tease…
coolness, warmth.
veils of shadow
slick and smooth…
Light casting shafts
into the darker deeps…
Creatures dim and small
securing sustenance
and safety
in the motions
and the shafts and shades…
Sense and sound
baffled just a little
makes for play
pursuit and teasing
in the pleasing
of the Great Embrace…


into the sparkling air…
Arc and soar
surrounded by
The Breath
of Light, of Life, of Bright,
no matter day or night…
Return to the Embrace
the Great Embrace
that holds
and lifts,
surrounds with all
the sounds of
Living Will, Intent, Desire
of creatures great like us
and small
the rough and smooth,
that live and move
within it all…
Dive deep,
into the darkness,
cool, and cold…
and feel the hold
of the Embrace
that presses ever closer
in the greater dark,
the deeper,
deepest blue…
then turn again
and rise
up through the fading
shadow of the depth
that holds,
as a mother
who will not give birth
the to tlife thatmoves
within her
though it’s not her own…
Despite her need,
Burst through her veil
and substance
into the Air!

as high as ever
Life can leap!


Rest upon the calm
the quiet patient
swell and wallow…
The heaving of
the Great Below
is mighty
and yet so slow
and large,
sleeping now,
unchallenged, undistressed
by its sometime battle
with the powers
of the Air–
They both are Life
to us who swim
and breathe
and crave the Light:
Even lying here
upon the quiet Water,
something deep
within the Inner Sea
of me, yearning,
still also delights
in the twinkle
in the far Above
against the darkest
deepest blue
of all the tiny lights.

CL Redding 2007

Body and Soul

Wandering freely joy-filled Light
crossing universes with a notion
Curiosity on wheels, on wings,
on jetpacks, mobile dreams
ever always in merry motion…
Wants to see, wants to know,
no boundaries where the Light can go!

Try it out, try it on, form of solid matter–
Ponderous, preposterous,
time-bound hungering hulk of mass
senses appalling and imperious…
Wants to touch, to feel, to feed
earthbound sack of persistant need!

Love is shattered from a single One
to countless sparks that dance in space
to fragments alone and incomplete
Some in darkness, some in grace, 
thoughts and fancies, fears and dreams
and what is really what it seems…?

And yet, in this distressing dance
is power: to make, to do, to shape;
to nurture Will to Thought to Form
the very power to Create.
And that’s why anyone leaves a star:
to become just what we are.

CL Redding 2009

The Wind

You cannot see the wind.
    It moves the trees,
    pushes clouds across the sky, 
    surges waves across the lake and sea;

You can hear it–
    whispering through the forest,
    whistling ’round windows and chimney pots
    mourning over hollows in the land;

You can witness
    as it tears the world by shreds
    of gossamer and flying signs,
    sends dust spiraling up into a summer sky,
    whips leaves, fallen, racing through an autumn field;
    drives bitter cold and crystals pluming
    off a rocky mountain peak;
    nudges gently nodding budding blossoms 
    in a spring returning…

You can feel it
warm, off the heated land in the chill of night;
cool, defeating sultry summer sweat;
icy blasting driving winter through your coat;
the feel of speed against your face…

Birds aloft, wings laboring, they fly in place;
Horses stand head-low, and close their eyes;
Old people, buffeted, slowly, mindfully walk on…

You cannot see the wind.

    copyright 2010 CLRedding

Under the Night

Defenseless under the night
Our world in stupor lies
Yet everywhere
ironic points of light flash out
wherever the just exchange their messages…

Like Auden’s flashing lights
sparking in the darkness
that so often seems
so immense, so overwhelming,
so defeating–
we greet each other 
despite different times
and great distances between,
and know that there is Light
always in the night
and we are not alone
if only we look up
and shine. 

May I, composed like them
Of Eros and of dust,
Beleaguered by the same
Negation and despair
Show an affirming flame.

WH Auden “September 1, 1939”

The entirety of Auden’s poem, “September 1, 1939” can be found here:

Day Light

push against the lightest misty rain
off to the west,
a rainbow unfolding
to grace the dawning.

strike across the land below the clouds
gilding treetops;
Balloons rise like gems against
a steel-blue lowering sky.
flame upon the sky, rose-gold
upon the rising moon
then fade and leave the sky
to the bright and wandering stars. 

Presidential Quality

I don’t need the nicest person, I want the most able to stop the bleeding and mend the wounds in our domestic and international relationships. I don’t want the Oval Office held hostage to someone’s temper. There have been enough tantrums. I want a president who is an adult, who expresses opinions and position without bloviating or hysterics.

I don’t want a revolution in all our systems, I want restoration of the middle-class and a true leveling of the field, for health care and education and entrepreneurship to be accessible for all who want them. I want options on how we can have these things, because we are not all alike in our goals, priorities, or perspectives.

I want billionaires to be more grateful for the country that made their fortunes possible, and to give back for the country’s well-being, not just their own. I want someone who can help them see this need, or, if they will not, to rewrite the rules they operate by.

I want true separation of religion and government, because combining them has always been disastrous. Religion is for spiritual health, Government is for temporal, material well-being. Religion works by faith and belief; Government works with science and by established physical understandings. Neither one can replace the other, and should never try.

I care about integrity, about willingness to learn, to listen, and to change positions if new information changes situations. I don’t care who’s gay, I don’t care who’s what gender, I don’t care who is of what religious background or skin color.

I want a peace-maker, a mediator, rather than a belligerant who looks for ways to dominate by military strength when other strategies will do what’s needed.

I want to see the Rule of Law and the distinctions of the branches of our government all back in their own boxes. I want the checks and balances restored. I want someone who can take on the thug in the White House, and make him available to civil and criminal law.

 I want a President who will champion the American people, and strive in the best interests of a community that is encouraged to share and create and celebrate their cultural origins. I want a President who is unafraid of the rest of the world. I want a President who is compassionate, who restores this nation as a refuge to people seeking freedom from oppression and fear.

I know these are great dreams, that no one is going to bring all these ideal qualities to the Presidency in the next election. But America has always supposed to have been about having hopes, dreaming dreams and striving to make them realities.


Nature’s idea of justice is ‘natural selection.

So the Delusionary in the White House is willing to go with that. Which makes him pretty much a throw-back to his not-yet-human ancestors. The Rich Come First is the lowest kind of humanity. It is short-sighted, inward-looking, childish. “Good” is all about “Good/comfortable For Me Right Now.” Truth and Reality are obscured by wishful magical-thinking. His greatest delusion is that because he has the use of great sums of money, he is powerful, and because he is powerful, everything is his to command. 

Bullies equate fear with power, they weaponize your fears against you.
Their own lives are all about fear.

Having at the helm someone who has no concept of the long game, of how dominoes are lined up and what happens next, is a catastrophe for not just his own country, but the world, as the rock thrown into this pond will make global waves for years to come. His entire administration is infected with his own delusions about power and money, deliberately put in place to increase the flow of money to his allies and the people he wishes would like him and welcome him into their circles. He has no other priorities beyond his own interest, and so has been, by calculated mismanagement, dismantling all the superstructure and internal structure that holds up his pyramid of privilege.

Life is gonna be different for the next generations. C-19 is a thing, but so are water shortages, frackquakes, intensified storms, extreme heat waves, higher sea levels… situations we can live with, can adapt to, but can’t ignore. It’s crazy, even stupid to pretend otherwise, to not make preparations, to not design solutions we can live with.

Reality is that which, when you ignore it, doesn’t go away.

With forethought and action, the transitions that are coming can be made easier instead of all about panic and reaction. We can start now to move away from threatened shorelines, to design and build housing and infrastructure than can stand up to wild winds and floods.

The selfish, the frightened, the power- and money-hungry, like the poor, will always be with us. They are the children, the beginners in the great school of Life. But we can work towards a better balance between the savage and venal, and the humane. We can strive to be the adults, to take on the mantle of responsibility for those unable to rise to the need, even as we also continue to learn and rise.

True power is in acceptance of responsibility. 

From the Rocking Chair

For us old broads and geezers: We remember a time when the Gun War was not the norm, when evenings were lit by sunsets to dazzle eyes and hearts, not by the tiny flickers of vigil/protest candles clustering in the streets, when tears blur the lights and hearts are broken. We are still shocked by violence, never taking it for granted. We remember times of quiet, of contemplation, of attention free of cell phones, of constant connection, interruption, demand… We remember when conversations were spoken instead of typed, and when the rudiments of grammar, spelling, and punctuation were known and applied when we did indulge in the sensory gratification of the actual writing of an actual letter… We remember and sometimes miss things the Millennials have never known, really known, were ever a thing. And that’s why they think we are crazy: irrelevent out of step, out of the flow. They know only the rapids of life, never the quiet, meandering flow or the peace of the river moving along straight and quiet.

You foolish children, we are not crazy old broads and geezers: We are your Elders, and we know things. We don’t know your things, maybe, but we know things you will be needing as you make your way to this same old place, things you don’t yet imagine you need to know. We have the stories of where you began, where you came from. We have the memories of when we were not afraid of the things you fear now: We had other things to fear, but we also have the memories of surviving those things, out-lasting them, of out-lasting the fear. We remember when leaders led, and when law-makers compromised and knew something of respect for each other and for us whom they serve. We know values and beauties that are not of your world, not lately, not for a while, and maybe not for some time to come.

So, here we sit in our rockers in the shade, and we knit sweaters you will be embarrassed to wear, and we hold the wealth of our worlds, and we wait for the young who are wise enough to come and ask, to be quiet, to listen…

July 2016