We Might Have Been Friends

Who told youwho I was?Who cast the shadowof their own bitternessacross the visionof your honest eyes? Who was itthat suggestedhurting me with your disdainwas the proper thingto put mein my place? Who was it,made you feel so smallthat to feel big at alland safeyou must diminish me? Does concensusof like-persuaded viewsconvertdelusion into truth? Does being […]

Cleaning Up Our Mess

The world is in such a mess! It has always been messy, that’s nature, but mostly, prehistorically, when everyone lived in Jurassic Park, messes were local business: some moments of violence followed by inelegant feeding, and plenty of scavengers to clean up after. Humankind, we don’t confine our messiness to moments or a limited area, […]