Travel Journal: Crossing Colorado

Storm Clouds Over ColoradoAugust 2007 We continued on I-70 through Glenwood Canyon, called the most beautiful segment of this highway with good reason! We stopped at one of the several rest areas that have been developed to make the most of the canyon’s attributes. It’s called No Name, and if you are going that way, […]

Travel Journal: Trapping the Wild Tourist

They are out there, little roadside attractions like a two-headed critter, or a zoo of oddities, or something just big and silly, like the world’s largest ball of string… And then there are the big ones, always “ready to relieve you of a sou or two…” August 16, 2007 Colorado Road Trip Sunrise at Royal […]

New York and the Scary Subway

New York and the Scary Subway A lot of people are dubious about going underground in New York City. The noise, the shadows, the strange cinder- and uncleaned-bathroom-scented winds… the other people, whom you can see walking through–but maybe not… That romantic show back in the 80s, was it? probably gave a few dewy-eyed types […]

Cash or Card: travel finances & documents

One of the major necessities of travel is money management. As it turns out, this can be quite tricky: I was assured by various sources that nearly everyone in China prefers online payments through a thing called wiipay… that no one wants cash.  This turned out not to be quite true.  Our hotel only accepted, […]

Orcas and Others in the Wild

There seems to be a correlation between the state of emotions of the observer and the proximity of whales.  I learned this years ago, when I was observing the wild whales and dolphins in the inland passage between Vancouver Island and the mainland of British Columbia.     In the wild, orcas simply did not come around […]


“Don’t leave the Duck unless you hear these words!  If you feel unsafe at any time, feel free to pull down the life-jacket in the netting over your head…”   The captain’s name was Ishmael; the driver’s name was Joe for our tour through the streets and waterways of Singapore.  These two looked like products of […]

Lessons from binge-watching AMAZING RACE

Tonality sinks more ships than flapping lips, and triggers more reactive explosions than the thing said. History, geography, and basic manners are neglected studies these days. Judging people by superficials–their accents, background, nationality, religion, physical attractiveness, or skin tone–is always going to be mistaken. When there are no rules, sometimes people still choose to play […]