So, I have been thinking a lot about this for the past little while for reasons sociological and personal, and this is where I have arrived. Top of the hill? Or a plateau on the way up? Don’t know. The view is good enough from here, for a while.

  • It doesn’t matter if your maleness or femaleness is a matter of birth records or genetics. It doesn’t matter if it is biological or choice.
  • The point is, if someone wants to live as a particular gender, a tolerant and civilized society can live with it without freaking out.
  • If someone later changes their choice, that is also their right to do without justification to anyone else. How it affects others close to them is between them and the others, no one else.
  • How it affects anyone’s relationship with the Divine is also their business and no one else’s. No one else’s!
  • Public bathrooms should be gender-neutralized. So many of them are now single-user now, anyway, how hard can that be?

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