Lessons from binge-watching AMAZING RACE

Tonality sinks more ships than flapping lips, and triggers more reactive explosions than the thing said.

History, geography, and basic manners are neglected studies these days.

Judging people by superficials–their accents, background, nationality, religion, physical attractiveness, or skin tone–is always going to be mistaken.

When there are no rules, sometimes people still choose to play fair.

Travel agents sometimes make mistakes: Best deals you find yourself on the Internet.

White-, American-, Age-, Religious Belief-Privilege are obnoxious throughout the world.

Sometimes bickering is annoying to listen to, but is how a relationship works. 

People become pessimistic to fend off the anticipated ravages of disappointment.

Emotional abuse takes many forms, some more passive than others, but still mean-spirited and destructive.

The most common exclamation on the Amazing Race is a toss-up between,”You got this, Babe!” and “This is ridiculous!” A close runner up, usually in a whining tone: “This is so haaard!”

People often mispronounce things, which can be funny, but the funniest so far was the gal in Africa who pointed out a troupe of bamboons. 

Sometimes mean people win. 

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