Seeing Through Ancient Eyes

We look at things so superficially, so at-the-moment, so very materially: Western society has forgotten there are other ways to see. But these ways require us to slow down, to see the world without all we have built and paved and altered. I recently watched two documentaries that are like taking a deep breath of […]

Looking Back in 2008

I think the initial turn-around started in the 1950s and 60s, with the generation of post-war parents who, coming from a heritage of privation in the war years, and the Great Depression, delighted in giving abundantly to their kids, proud and happy not to have to deny them anything!  In the 50s there was more stuff, new stuff […]

Having Faith

My dad, a scientist, once told me, “I don’t need faith, I’ve got knowledge!” I think it was a response to my asking him to have a little faith in me. It was, however, his scientist-mindset all around. He had great respect for the scientific method, for things known, and for things not yet known, […]

Mystic Whispers: Medusa

O maid, you once were lovely,full of grace, and named for Wisdom in eternal female form–Metis, Maat, Medha the names you bore… But the passing generations, reshaping and restructuring the norm,made you over as a thing to fear,no longer Maid, but monstrous with a deadly, stony gaze; Men made you cruel and coldand perilous to life in latter days,forgetting […]

The Virtue of Conflict

I was just watching a documentary about the first civilizations that states that for 99% of humanity’s time on Earth, we were hunter/gatherers, pretty much doing the same things for the whole time. Then we began to settle down with our patches of grain, and herding animals instead of just following them. We discovered metallurgy… […]

Lament For Home

When the night goes dark, all glowing wild eyes dimmed and dead;When the forest goes silent of song and cry and roarand there is only the creakingof trees moved by the rush of wind; When flowers no longer humwith the dancing bee;When the sky is empty of wingsthat glitter and crackleor softly beat the air;When water is […]

“Aren’t you kind of old to be so cynical?”

I look at some of the young people around today and they are a lot less bullshit-inclined or fooled than other generations have been: Less trusting of authority, more spin-proof. While this might look like cynicism sometimes, it may also closely resemble common sense. Cynicism is a result of disappointed trust combined with a sense […]

Lessons from binge-watching AMAZING RACE

Tonality sinks more ships than flapping lips, and triggers more reactive explosions than the thing said. History, geography, and basic manners are neglected studies these days. Judging people by superficials–their accents, background, nationality, religion, physical attractiveness, or skin tone–is always going to be mistaken. When there are no rules, sometimes people still choose to play […]