Mueller testifies…

What the House Judiciary Committee members don’t seem to understand is that Americans watching are not only listening to the answers, we are paying close attention to the questioners and the kinds of questions they ask, their manipulative maneuvers, their willingness to actually listen to Mueller. He is not the one being judged here by Americans who think.

Agendas are revealed in this process, and there were no surprises there: Dems went after underlining the Mueller Report’s findings that point to misconduct of the President; Reps tried contorted and confusing questions to damage Mueller’s credibility. They all asked, over and over, questions their fellows had asked already, and they got no new answers.

One thing I don’t understand is how the Dept of Justice (Barr under direction from Trump) requiring Mueller to stay strictly within the limits they have defined as to the scope of what the Committee can ask and have answered, is not just another occurrence of obstruction of justice, as witness tampering.

In any case, he didn’t answer many questions, being so bound. Essentially, all he said was, “Read my report.”

I point out that in the matter of impeachment, the House of Representatives can only impeach, and that to remove the President from office requires the Senate to accept the recommendation to take the President to trial. With the current Republican leadership in the Senate–Mitch McConnell–that will never happen. But if even one Republican of conscience, integrity, and true patriotism walked away from the Republican Party, McConnell would have no power to stop the process.

Understand, please, that I am not a Democrat, and find much of what they have done as a Party that puts itself above the interests of Americans, is as indefensible as what the Republicans do. It is a disgusting affair on all sides, but that’s the game of politics, and has always been. But the Democrats generally support accountability by rule of law, while the Republicans support the Republican Agenda at all costs. This was apparent in today’s proceedings, as it has been in Congressional proceedings since the Obama Presidency.

It comes down to the problem not merely of Party, but of what people think America is about. Some think it is about creating and supporting opportunity for all Americans, including those who come here as immigrants to participate in the American system, and become Americans themselves. Others think it is about creating and supporting opportunity for the already-successful to increase their success, wealth, and power to uncapped heights.

I get great encouragement from the coming-up generation of voters who could, if they all vote, make all the difference on the next Election Day.


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