ReUse, ReImagine, RePurpose


I save things that are not useless–though today I did unfriend and block a person on Facebook. I have bags and boxes loaded with medication bottles, protein supplement drink bottles, the big plastic flasks from cold brew coffee concentrate… Egg cartons, lots of egg cartons of the old paper kind and those clear, tri-fold ones that are so useful if you do egg art for the holidays! Large clear plastic bakery boxes that make excellent green-houses for starting seeds… plastic plates from microwave meals that are very useful water catchers under potted plants…  tubes from paper towels and toilet tissue, and those narrow, sturdy ones from aluminum foil boxes… And have you ever noticed that the cutting edge from a foil box can be very handy in a tool kit?

I will never use all this stuff for crafts or anything, but someone might. I hear that on ebay one can sell such stuff for surprising amounts of actual money. And there is a local crafting/recycling store where one can trade in just about anything for credit towards stuff one actually does have a use for. 

So, from today, each type of such stuff has an accessible receptical to itself, and a day will come when I actually get around to which ever next stage seems best. 

The key to reducing plastic waste in the environment is to find new uses for it, to never let it get back into the waste disposal system. Plastic is not as big a problem as our own carelessness and indifference to what happens to things we toss out of our immediate space and consciousness.

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