There are those who are not celebrating today. There are hysterical protests founded in lies and distractions, in stunningly ridiculous attempts to gaslight the entire world into seeing the calling to account of a disastrously anti-American administration as a bad thing, an unfair thing. They thought they had this in the bag, that by twisting […]

Mueller testifies…

What the House Judiciary Committee members don’t seem to understand is that Americans watching are not only listening to the answers, we are paying close attention to the questioners and the kinds of questions they ask, their manipulative maneuvers, their willingness to actually listen to Mueller. He is not the one being judged here by […]


The impassioned moment’s passed,The fight’s gone out of me;tolerance and hope set inwith a sighand by-and-bythis latest violence,outrage, assault against the heart and soulwill pass–and leave me living still and still possessed of most of what I had; Life goes on sublime,absurd,expects the future stillmakes plans investsand wanders down the middle course again somewhere between the hopeless and the glad. Disappointment gnaws away at faith. Perhaps, because […]


Bullies have always relied on the courtesy, the squeamishness and the self-interest of witnesses. Bullies exploit the commitment of the general society to the basic social contracts of the Golden Rule, and all the other philosophical and religious strictures and beliefs that are the foundation of civilization. Bullies surround themselves with gangs of the equally […]