Under a skynetted with starslike gemsin the sweeping wavesof holy tresses… Wind sighslike divine breathof the world aroundand with itI also breathe… Running, runningkinlessunder the skyMoon, the lanternfull as a pearl, a heart,the senseson a night like this… In such solitudealone and yetby all the world embracedI wonder, Where in all of itare you?

Raw: Tennis for the Blind

I played the game, took my side of the net and playedthe best I couldthe best I knewlobbed ball after ballgood shots, all…good volleys, you could hear my laughter, I could hear your smile…even when the ball did not return. And still I playedand played… I served at lastthe last ball that I hadand waited…listened …

Raw: Song and Thunder

Voice of eagle,Voice of larkrising through a skywith storm clouds darkand brilliantthe silver dashing rainabout to fall… Harmonics building slowout of the mighty stones: deep thunderfrom earth’s very center groans… Bright song piercescrying angel-high; God-profundoout of abyssal silencesuddenly was always there… Duet sublimeas Life and Deathare One. May 2011

In the City

In the cityI remember green you can smelland breezes you can hear;Clean rainSilent mistsSpider webs glisteningand solitudethat stretches far and wide… In the cityI live with mostly greys,Harsh vivid colorsslicing it in pieces;The smell of industryBurning coffee beans like tar;Howling trafficPressing crowds,eye never meeting eyeand solitudea tight defense around you… In the citytime is cut …

Falling Colors

Walking in the woods of autumn firein my own autumn, wistfulheart to the colors lifts: Allthe triumph of a spring advanced victory of a summer livedthe flowers gone to fruitand fruit to seed dispersingon the errant winds that blow…All finished now, and sogreen departs the leaf and reed, the wind whips over flaring brightsand muted …