Body and Soul

Wandering freely joy-filled Light
crossing universes with a notion
Curiosity on wheels, on wings,
on jetpacks, mobile dreams
ever always in merry motion…
Wants to see, wants to know,
no boundaries where the Light can go!

Try it out, try it on, form of solid matter–
Ponderous, preposterous,
time-bound hungering hulk of mass
senses appalling and imperious…
Wants to touch, to feel, to feed
earthbound sack of persistant need!

Love is shattered from a single One
to countless sparks that dance in space
to fragments alone and incomplete
Some in darkness, some in grace, 
thoughts and fancies, fears and dreams
and what is really what it seems…?

And yet, in this distressing dance
is power: to make, to do, to shape;
to nurture Will to Thought to Form
the very power to Create.
And that’s why anyone leaves a star:
to become just what we are.

CL Redding 2009

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