Stay angry!
Not riotously,
weeping, screaming hate angry–
but soul-cleansing angry:
Keep burning with the inner fires
that burn away
the blockages and incursions
into your soul that living
in these Dysfunctional States of America
have enabled.
Stay angry,
stay determined,
stay encouraged!
Keep insisting
that what we have gotten used to as ‘normal’
is actually mortal disease
and pretty bandaids.

Blame us all for living
as we have lived,
not just them–
they are victims, too,
mistaught, mislead,
lied to all their lives.
Not yourself,
for tolerating the intolerable
for choosing uneasy peace
over open war.
Forgive us all,
we only wanted to live!

Let anger today
be cleansing, refining,
healing and redefining–
Let anger be love for truth,
love for the suffering,
love for your children’s better world
and for your Self,
turning your courage
to live in this world as it is,
into courage to challenge,
to change!


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