Shadows and light waving,
in the Great Embrace
caress and tease…
coolness, warmth.
veils of shadow
slick and smooth…
Light casting shafts
into the darker deeps…
Creatures dim and small
securing sustenance
and safety
in the motions
and the shafts and shades…
Sense and sound
baffled just a little
makes for play
pursuit and teasing
in the pleasing
of the Great Embrace…


into the sparkling air…
Arc and soar
surrounded by
The Breath
of Light, of Life, of Bright,
no matter day or night…
Return to the Embrace
the Great Embrace
that holds
and lifts,
surrounds with all
the sounds of
Living Will, Intent, Desire
of creatures great like us
and small
the rough and smooth,
that live and move
within it all…
Dive deep,
into the darkness,
cool, and cold…
and feel the hold
of the Embrace
that presses ever closer
in the greater dark,
the deeper,
deepest blue…
then turn again
and rise
up through the fading
shadow of the depth
that holds,
as a mother
who will not give birth
the to tlife thatmoves
within her
though it’s not her own…
Despite her need,
Burst through her veil
and substance
into the Air!

as high as ever
Life can leap!


Rest upon the calm
the quiet patient
swell and wallow…
The heaving of
the Great Below
is mighty
and yet so slow
and large,
sleeping now,
unchallenged, undistressed
by its sometime battle
with the powers
of the Air–
They both are Life
to us who swim
and breathe
and crave the Light:
Even lying here
upon the quiet Water,
something deep
within the Inner Sea
of me, yearning,
still also delights
in the twinkle
in the far Above
against the darkest
deepest blue
of all the tiny lights.

CL Redding 2007

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