“Don’t leave the Duck unless you hear these words!  If you feel unsafe at any time, feel free to pull down the life-jacket in the netting over your head…”  

The captain’s name was Ishmael; the driver’s name was Joe for our tour through the streets and waterways of Singapore.  These two looked like products of the same era that produced the Duck itself, the amphibious vehicle that was left-over war materiel after the US pulled out of Viet Nam.   Roy was our tour guide, telling us what we were passing by on both land and water.  Roy also gave us the tour of Roy’s Life, his readiness to begin ‘uni’ now that his mandatory 2 years of national military service are over.  Happily, only boys must serve, so when they start ‘uni,’ the girls in their classes are all 2 years younger, and Roy has heard that girls like older men…  He doesn’t care for sciences or math…   I forget what his test scores were…  I was thinking, “Abandon Duck, Abandon Duck…!

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