Tolkien Tribute: SMAUG

Flame surging in my belly, I cry out,
and leap into the clouds, exulting:
Wings, vast, they span the star-bright heavens!

I sail through the night,  tempest roaring
a storm of mighty rage, a-soaring–
Flame surging in my belly, I cry out!

In all of the world, there is no other
magnificent as I!  I bellow power
and leap into the clouds, exulting!

Against the highest icy atmosphere
I wheel, and feel the windstorm biting:
Wings, vast, they span the star-bright heavens!

I am sure there is a name for this form, though I no longer remember what it is called. If you do, please remind me! It was originally written for a contest in 2005 on a Tolkien site, that seems to have gone into the West.

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