There are those who are not celebrating today. There are hysterical protests founded in lies and distractions, in stunningly ridiculous attempts to gaslight the entire world into seeing the calling to account of a disastrously anti-American administration as a bad thing, an unfair thing. They thought they had this in the bag, that by twisting and corrupting the rules of statecraft, government, and law, by exploiting loop-holes, by packing courts they could surely shoot the moon, and have all their power dreams fulfilled!

We are looking at the end-game of a long, slow, slinking coup against the American Constitution, the great Experiment in representative democracy. By degrees, we have seen the foundations of the nation undermined and protections eliminated. Assaults on free journalism and on the distinctions delineating truth from lies; shifting of financial power to the would-be oligarchs and to world-spanning corporations, leading to the destruction of the middle-class.

The American citizenry has been dumbed-down and led to despise knowledge, has been lulled to sleep, to ignorance, to functional powerlessness…

Huge percentages of voters have been purged from voter rolls, gerrymandered into uselessness, prevented from getting to polls as polling places are shut down. The corruption of the election process has been assured by international interference and a steadfast rejection of means to protect the integrity of the election process.

And the coup-makers counted on our not waking up before the coup was complete. But we have awakened, and we are fighting back. Against all the corruption and fraud, we are gaining ground. We have time to make sure we are registered to vote, to encourage the disheartened and dismayed to come out and exercise the greatest power we have, in all our millions, to take back America, and throw the bums out.

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