Holy Days

Wishing you the best of the holiday season!

Channukah has begun, and there is no tradition more about lights and miracles!

Solstice is here and the whole planet moves with it, something that transcends cultures, though every culture seems to have a way to celebrate it.

The birth of Jesus is all about light coming into a dark world. It is historically known that the birth of Jesus was folded into the Roman Saturnalia back in the days when the persecutions of Christians was a real thing, but it was also apt, that in all the long nights, Jesus, like the solstice, brought a promise of light to come. So very apt in these times, too!

And there is Kwanzaa which is worth looking it up and appreciating what it is and why it is, because Kwanzaa celebrates the most civilized aspects of humanity, in the context of what’s been called the African Diaspora–the flowing out of Africa of its peoples. It also offers a light in the darkness.

Light in the darkness: hope and faith, and the negation of despair.

Every culture finds spiritual and human meaning in this time of Solstice. I welcome your contributions to this topic!

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