Suffer the little children…

I’ve just watched something currently available on Amazon Prime:THE WINDERMERE CHILDREN, and its companion documentary : THE WINDERMERE CHILDREN: IN THEIR OWN WORDS. The first is a dramatized account, the second is a documentary produced around the elderly survivors of the Nazi camps, who shared the Windermere experience. In 1945, 300 children and youths who […]

Remembering the 60s

I was beginning to pay attention to the world outside my own life in the 60s, a time of gentle sprouting flowers inviting peace and simple happiness, even as Vietnam body-counts traumatized the country daily. There was the enthusiasm for new freedoms and the abuses of those freedoms; the flowers were tainted with drugs, and […]

Familiarity Breeds Compassion

The basic problem with passive racism is that we who live in the gated zone of white privilege simply don’t know enough about black lives, black families, black cultures. We, like most descendents of colonial conquerors, never inherited the genes for sincere curiosity nor for respect for The Other. We accepted so many core beliefs […]

Journal: Counting the Costs

I have taken a step back from commenting on Facebook and other social media platforms–even here, sometimes. It isn’t that I am not reactive to some of the stuff that gets posted there, or that I don’t disagree strongly, or don’t see an opening for a really clever comeback. But I have taken another look […]

“Under New Management”

Family, clan, tribe, city, state, nation… What comes next? And how soon is it coming? How soon before political entities have become obsolete as the drivers of human organization, and corporate entities take over the management of… well, everything? In fact, are we now living through the turning of the tide, that terrible, turbulent time […]