Ashes in the Oracle’s Mouth Helen, oh Helen!You silly git!You pretty face,You great lack-wit! Paris, perspectivewas never your strengthJust please yourselfat any length! Menelaus,big as a bullyour heart pumps bloodand that is all. Agamemnon,greed for powercuts at your life linehour by hour. Achilles,as honest as killers come–kill and be killedis your personal sum. Hector, oh […]


I was there–in spoiled silks, sateens and laceon a stage composedof noise and dread…Splintered boardsbeneath my ice-white feet,hot and cold, awashwith human bloodand waste…I remember……fearand sweatand sickness…a kind of stunned bewilderment,hardened as a glazeacross the gazeof eyes embittered,seeing everywhere the castof madness and despair…Of lust and hungerborne so deepit passes from the bellyto the souland there […]

Tolkien Tribute: confustication

A wizard and a hobbit met in a little pub in BreeAnd drank together for a while, though neither one, you see,Was in a very cheerful mood, as life had lately not been goodFor either nor the other, in fact! Between their complaints and their fair pints a-flowing,Trust and good fellowship fast were a-growing:The hobbit […]

Tolkien Tribute: SMAUG

Flame surging in my belly, I cry out,and leap into the clouds, exulting:Wings, vast, they span the star-bright heavens! I sail through the night,  tempest roaring a storm of mighty rage, a-soaring–Flame surging in my belly, I cry out! In all of the world, there is no othermagnificent as I!  I bellow powerand leap into the clouds, […]

Tolkien Tribute: Queen Beruthial’s Cats

A shade in the shadowlurking;A purr in the darknesssmirking;Softness against a bare legleaning;One with shadow againleaving… Fire of green in the nightgleaming;Flame of gold in the duskseemingageless and cannybeyond scheming;Cats of Beruthiel smile,dreaming… These cats are spoken of only once, a mention made by Aragorn in an off-hand way… an idiomatic reference: “He is surer […]

Tolkien Tribute: The Rangers

1–LURKERSStorm and ice howling through the winter passes…The bellies of the scudding clouds, glowing dull and fitful,reflecting back the desperate firelightfrom which all warmth is blasted by the winds…Alone is better, the huddled traveler thinks,Than the company he knows is lurking in these peaks…And he shivers only partly from the cold… 2–BROTHERSBrisk chill breeze of […]

Tolkien Tribute: Gimli in Valinor

a monologue addressed to his axe Was a time I thoughtI could not get my boots soon enoughonto good firm rock again…And yet,here I sit,upon a kegonce full of Middle Earth’s best ale,with ye, my trusty Axe,leaning here against my knee–choosing the gentle rocking of a deck,over the fair and solid land I seeshining just […]

Tolkien Tribute: Blue Istar

So many ages he’s wandered, so many roads his footprints mark,in lands of many men and few, of hottest sun and deepest dark,He seldom speaks a word aloud, gives no greeting nor farewell,sings not, nor prays in any language any living soul can tell… Midnight-indigo, his old cloak is bound around him tight,a shadow in […]

Tolkien Tribute: Melian’s Song

There’s magicin the musicthat dances on the air–Melian is singing!Maid and music,both are fair! A stranger,in the greenwoodpassing,hears,and pauses… Enchanted,Elf-lord reachesfor her hand…and theyat onceare one. There is magicin the meetingin the musicin the song… The worldis changedforever…andThe Songcontinues on…


I dreamed a house… bright within and filled with folk,their happiness and quarrelsand blessings and trials,laughter and tears,and all the things of life as folk live it,and though I sought around,front and back and sidesseeking a door, even a window left ajar, no way in was therethat I could find. A feast I dreamed,lavish and […]