I cannot quiteput a finger on it,nor pin downthe feelings in my heartnow I am homefrom visiting with you… A deal of historylies there between usas it has lain.gathered over yearsof awkwardness,uncertainty,resentment,guilt,embarrassmentover many momentsmiscalculated,misinformed,misunderstoodbetween us… Now I am older,you are oldand grasp your cupwith two frail and twisted handsthat once were capableof wringing outa washcloth […]

Words of the Times

We walk in the worldwith steps faltering and learningoff balance more than notwhile muscles learn and grow… Time favors stepping outand hopping, running, skipping.dancing to musics heardboth within, without… Days and years passwith steps certain, confidentambling through a lifebut not in charge… Until the sudden daywhen all around the world shiftsgravity goes sidewaysstreams flow up, […]

People Are Planets…

…that do sometimes collide.We explore those planetswhen we go insideanother person’s thought and feeling,discover whatthe silver atmosphere’s concealing:Different laws of nature may applyto different creatures under different sky. A world may be hostileto our hearts, our breath…May lead us far astray into confusions and delusions,even into death. Yet some planets doattract us by the soul,and […]

Love’s Not Always Pink

Love’s not always pink–It’s what you feel and livenot what you think. Sometimes it’s what you giveor are allowed to takeor nothing you can havefor someone else’s sake. Love’s not always song–its voice not always heardor clear and strong. Sometimes it’s just absurdand makes no kind of senseOr it speaks without a word,has neither rhyme […]

Tolkien Tribute: The Bells of Dale

’Twas spring again in the Northern Landsand larks sang bright and clear,yet sorrow lay on the folk of Daleand little they knew of cheer. The daughter of Girion, Lord of Dale,lay sad under winter’s gloom–Like enough, all said, ere long,she’d lie winter-cold in her tomb. In deep despond young Giriel  layand nothing could stir her willfor […]

Icarus in the Sky

Icarus, Icarus, foolish lad!It’s the worst idea you’ve ever hadand there were others I thought were bad! To soar to the stars, you demented bird,takes more than wax wings, or hadn’t you heard?My lad, you have flown to the height of absurd! And yet, and yet, the impulse was grand,though you never considered you’d have […]