HERETICS: In the beginning…

This project began several years ago, as the bio section of a character development sheet for a Live Action Role Play game adapted from the Masquerade.  The game as designed featured mainly vampires of various character-defining clans, but other supernaturals crept in, the longer we played. The first thing I  had to do, once I […]

HERETICS: first words pt 2

This is the second part of the prologue of my work-in-progress and Patreon project, as promised yesterday when the first part was posted here. –Turlough “Ah—it’s the fierce wee devil y’are indeed, but I’m too big for your supper, and you, brother Crab, are a deal too small for my own…” The wet hem of […]

HERETICS: first words

First Words– Columbina “You’ll end a heretic, girl, burning merrily at the stake and begging in vain for what you will not freely have from our hands now! Excommunicant! The fires of Hell will claim you!” Words of the past, distant and unaffecting, echo faint in the shadows where I stand; a plump, pale nun, […]

Mystic Whispers:The Wreck of the Faery Galleon

A sailor stands on a quiet deck in the still of a peaceful night–He suddenly sees, like a cobweb-dream, a galleon of faery-light, riggings of gossamer, translucent and pale, looming up high to port. Silently sailing, as if quite alone, as if no more solid than thought– wonder and marvel, afloat on a sea as […]