Tolkien Tribute: Beren and Luthien

Beren and Luthien were a mortal Man and the daughter of an undying Elf and a Maia. They were bound together by love, and together, they fought the great Evil of Middle-earth, and won, though at great cost. Finally, Luthien, also called by Beren, Tinuviel–the Nightingale–chose to remain with him and live a mortal life. […]

Autumn Tempest

Two poems of the wild autumn moving in on the last remnants of summer The earth does what it does and always has– Storm bellowing,Flood rushing,And the reeds bend;Trees sway and sometimesgo roots up;The waters wild sweep the landforgetting former bankserasing damsthe diligent beaver built. Storm Ponies The tempest swoops inoff the ocean where it […]