Tolkien Tribute: Beren and Luthien

Beren and Luthien were a mortal Man and the daughter of an undying Elf and a Maia. They were bound together by love, and together, they fought the great Evil of Middle-earth, and won, though at great cost. Finally, Luthien, also called by Beren, Tinuviel–the Nightingale–chose to remain with him and live a mortal life.

Beren and Luthien were the ancestors of both Arwen and Aragorn.

A Kyrielle: Beren’s Treasure

I, warrior weary past all measure,
wandering lost in a lonely spot
came upon a priceless treasure…
Love does what Power and Time cannot.

I saw there a star in the green glade gleaming
She stilled my voice and filled my thought!
She fled and I followed, as if in dreaming…
Love does what Power and Time cannot.

I gave my love to the shining elf maiden
and knew her for all that I’d ever sought.
I bent my knee to her, heart full-laden…
Love does what Power and Time cannot.

King’s daughter walking in world undying…
A mortal’s suit must be for naught–
But Luthien was in my arms lying…
Love does what Power and Time cannot.

The brightest star of Elven-kind’s morning
fled from all the Elves lived and taught
to come with me, immortality scorning…
Love does what Power and Time cannot.

Ballade of Tinuviel

Dance, dance, the night is singing!
The stars in the sky like bells are ringing,
like ice, like crystal, like light on the mountain–
I am the dance and the singing fountain!

The music falters, the night is broken–
a word on the edge of the glade is spoken…
A Man, the weight of long wars upon him
gazes agape at beauty beyond him.

Fly, fly! The Man pursues me
into the dark as if he knows me,
as if an Elf-maid under the stars
would fancy a mortal man fresh from the wars!

Bright, bright, his eyes are shining–

The heart of the Elf-maid, suddenly pining…
Suddenly for the mortal’s touch yearning…
A fire in my ice-pure heart is burning!

Grief, grief, the Elves are weeping
for I have chosen the final sleeping.
I have given myself to mortal life
To love and to sorrow as Beren’s wife.

Thingol and Melian’s hearts are broken
from one word by Beren spoken.
Years on years now, Time is fleeting
since Tinuviel’s and Beren’s meeting…

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