Tolkien Tribute: The Deep Wood Stirs

Dark, dark the rich earth where our roots sink deep.Gloomy, the air where we reach towards the sky.Long, long the years we have stood here asleep;Diminished, our peace as the ages passed by.But now we awaken to realize the creepof tendrils of smoke, drifting bitter and dry:Our borders are breached and our enemies walkUnder the […]

Tolkien Tribute: The Fallen Rider

Rider, turn your steed, Set your face unto the distance,Ride unto the edge of all the landsWhere Men live their lives Of striving, hungering and pain… Go ye now, Rider, Unto the happy landsWhere dwell all our Fathers Bliss-enfoldedSun-blessed ever– Join now the feastingJoin now the singingThe regaling of their mighty deedsAnd yours… And tell […]

Tolkien Tribute: A Bitter Parting

A Tolkien fan site I used to write on ran a contest for writing dialogue. The parameters were to choose two characters in a particular setting. I chose Elrond and Arwen’s final meeting. I also added a challenge of my own, to write the scene entirely through the dialogue. Father, why do you not speak? Will […]

Raw: Another Morning After

Each morning wakingyou are less and less in my first thoughtand shame is passinginto just embarrassmentand simple pain. Yet still my eye– with each flicker of a glanceof what I saw you inthat passes in the roador on the screenor in a passing thought– still shies away,seeks haven in any other thing. But there are […]