Ashes in the Oracle’s Mouth

Helen, oh Helen!
You silly git!
You pretty face,
You great lack-wit!

Paris, perspective
was never your strength
Just please yourself
at any length!

big as a bull
your heart pumps blood
and that is all.

greed for power
scours your life line
hour by hour.

as honest as killers come–
kill and be killed
is your personal sum.

Hector, oh Hector,
where else could you end
but dragged beyond death
your mouth full of sand.

Homer, great Homer,
Troy’s yours for the giving–
I know, I know, Poet–
writing– well, it’s a living…

By CL Redding 2004, revised 2022

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  1. It’s sad to see that the human race has progressed little since the days of spears. You have what I want. I jab you and take it.


    1. I believe that there will always be those who are closer to the beast part and others closer to the spirit part of human being. Hopefully, the balance improves as the human race evolves higher.


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