Tolkien Tribute: Queen Beruthial’s Cats

A shade in the shadowlurking;A purr in the darknesssmirking;Softness against a bare legleaning;One with shadow againleaving… Fire of green in the nightgleaming;Flame of gold in the duskseemingageless and cannybeyond scheming;Cats of Beruthiel smile,dreaming… These cats are spoken of only once, a mention made by Aragorn in an off-hand way… an idiomatic reference: “He is surer […]

Tolkien Tribute: Erebor

Born of fire, the Mountain rose, alone amid the plain,and stood there steaming for an age, cooling in the rainthat fell and gathered in stream and pool and marshes, fen and pond until a lake lay at its feet, and stretched over the lands beyond. Came a hearty race of wandering folk that sheltered there […]

Tolkien Tribute: Speak, Friend, and Enter

Some years ago I was active on a Tolkien-based site that featured writing and poetry contests. This was a dialogue-writing competition with set parameters: Characters: an elf and a dwarfSetting: outside Doors of MoriaTheme: Speak, Friend, and EnterI gave myself the added challenge of using the dialogue alone to show the scene and the action. […]