Tolkien Tribute: The Bells of Dale

’Twas spring again in the Northern Landsand larks sang bright and clear,yet sorrow lay on the folk of Daleand little they knew of cheer. The daughter of Girion, Lord of Dale,lay sad under winter’s gloom–Like enough, all said, ere long,she’d lie winter-cold in her tomb. In deep despond young Giriel  layand nothing could stir her willfor […]

Tolkien Tribute: Erebor

Born of fire, the Mountain rose, alone amid the plain,and stood there steaming for an age, cooling in the rainthat fell and gathered in stream and pool and marshes, fen and pond until a lake lay at its feet, and stretched over the lands beyond. Came a hearty race of wandering folk that sheltered there […]

Tolkien Tribute: Eru’s Gifts

In the cosmology created by Tolkien, there was first Eru, who created a great Music which manifested as the Universe. The Song included strains and themes that manifested as the Powers, and Eru made them the lords of Arda, tasked with preparing the world for Eru’s First Born.One of the Powers, however, in his eagerness […]