Remembering the 60s

I was beginning to pay attention to the world outside my own life in the 60s, a time of gentle sprouting flowers inviting peace and simple happiness, even as Vietnam body-counts traumatized the country daily. There was the enthusiasm for new freedoms and the abuses of those freedoms; the flowers were tainted with drugs, and […]

Familiarity Breeds Compassion

The basic problem with passive racism is that we who live in the gated zone of white privilege simply don’t know enough about black lives, black families, black cultures. We, like most descendents of colonial conquerors, never inherited the genes for sincere curiosity nor for respect for The Other. We accepted so many core beliefs […]

HERETICS: In the beginning…

This project began several years ago, as the bio section of a character development sheet for a Live Action Role Play game adapted from the Masquerade.  The game as designed featured mainly vampires of various character-defining clans, but other supernaturals crept in, the longer we played. The first thing I  had to do, once I […]

HERETICS: first words pt 2

This is the second part of the prologue of my work-in-progress and Patreon project, as promised yesterday when the first part was posted here. –Turlough “Ah—it’s the fierce wee devil y’are indeed, but I’m too big for your supper, and you, brother Crab, are a deal too small for my own…” The wet hem of […]

HERETICS: first words

First Words– Columbina “You’ll end a heretic, girl, burning merrily at the stake and begging in vain for what you will not freely have from our hands now! Excommunicant! The fires of Hell will claim you!” Words of the past, distant and unaffecting, echo faint in the shadows where I stand; a plump, pale nun, […]


I cannot quiteput a finger on it,nor pin downthe feelings in my heartnow I am homefrom visiting with you… A deal of historylies there between usas it has lain.gathered over yearsof awkwardness,uncertainty,resentment,guilt,embarrassmentover many momentsmiscalculated,misinformed,misunderstoodbetween us… Now I am older,you are oldand grasp your cupwith two frail and twisted handsthat once were capableof wringing outa washcloth […]

Words of the Times

We walk in the worldwith steps faltering and learningoff balance more than notwhile muscles learn and grow… Time favors stepping outand hopping, running, skipping.dancing to musics heardboth within, without… Days and years passwith steps certain, confidentambling through a lifebut not in charge… Until the sudden daywhen all around the world shiftsgravity goes sidewaysstreams flow up, […]

Something Old, Something New…

Years ago I started writing a bio for a Live Action Role Play–a vampires game–and it got kinda out of hand. It grew to a point, then someone joined me to develop and write it further, and it grew by leaps and bounds… But that erstwhile partner left the project, just before I took it […]