Doing Nothing

I have a flip phone. Still. Again. I don’t need a phone smarter than me.

In waiting rooms, while others are waiting plugged into entertainment and social media, and ‘getting things done’ I am the one sitting there looking like I am doing nothing. But I am not doing nothing.

I am observing. There is always something to take notice of, to watch progress through its own moments. 

I am thinking. I think about what’s going on around me, what I am waiting for, what I will do when it’s done. I think silly thoughts and philosophical thoughts, I play with words in my head, and remember whatever the moment or recent moments have triggered. 

I am remembering. I visit in thought places I’ve been, experiences, people… I have quite a lot in storage from near 7 decades of living.

Sometimes I am worrying. Sometimes I am healing. Sometimes I am simply experiencing waiting.

I am in that space, that time, with myself. 

I am not bored. I am not wasting anything. I am not doing nothing.

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  1. Although I like pen and paper handy to make a record of my mental ramblings I feel the same way. I think the experience of boredom is more like an unmet expectation. “Something should be happening for me to experience.” It is a lack of anticipated input, maybe? In any case, for many years now, I have been seeing boredom more as an opportunity. A blank page to write upon.


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