What Would You Do For a Klondike Bar?

Watching EVIL on Netflix. Interesting…

It’s the metaphor of the perpetual battle of Good vs Evil through the filters of the Catholic Church vs the Demonic Heirarchy. That isn’t the point of it though, that’s just the vehicle for the stories. The point is that we make choices, that we choose the influences that help us make our decisions, and that there are things essentially wholesome, and things essentially inimical to life and happiness. This is disregardful of specific religion or philosophy, though both bring particular energies to the things that we consider in our decision-making.

Through stories and characterizations, this show demonstrates the choices we encounter, the games we get caught up in, and how other people get caught up in situations that we believe we would not. It shows where people are vulnerable, how they are conned or seduced to invite the vampire into the house. “Can I come in?” is more persuasive than, “Let me in!”

So while I am not a Catholic, and don’t invest in that hierarchy of Hell’s 60 demons, I do recognize there is actual evil in the world, even if it just the many iterations and machinations of fear. Fear is what separates us from Love, it is that which puts the Body’s dominant interests over those of Spirit or Soul or Higher Self. It is the perpetual struggle to find domination where what is really needed is balance.

It gets me thinking about these things, my own perceptions of Good and Evil, my own processes of choosing, my own temptations and inclinations. It gets me pondering what I want in life, and why I want it, and what I will and won’t do to get it.

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