Suffer the little children…

I’ve just watched something currently available on Amazon Prime:
THE WINDERMERE CHILDREN, and its companion documentary : THE WINDERMERE CHILDREN: IN THEIR OWN WORDS. The first is a dramatized account, the second is a documentary produced around the elderly survivors of the Nazi camps, who shared the Windermere experience.

In 1945, 300 children and youths who had recently been liberated from the Nazi extermination camps were brought to an estate on Lake Windermere in the Lakes District of England. They were brought to begin their recovery from the terrible conditions of their imprisonment. They had four months to make what healing they could.

Now, to our national disgrace, there are camps where immigrant children seized from their parents are being held in squalid, vicious and punishing conditions. Even when freed, some will never find their families again. Some will have no place to go. Some–most, it is safe and sad to say–will suffer PTSD and Complex PTSD the rest of their lives. But there is also hope for them, once they are liberated, because not all the world is cruel, mean-spirited, and insane with selfishness, and many will care about and contribute to their recovery.¬†

I encourage the watching of this, especially the young people who have no idea of the horror of the Nazi regime in Germany. The educational system in the US has terribly failed our children, to leave them so ignorant of history, so programmed by myths and obfuscations to believe in our national rightness, goodness and integrity. That’s what a lot of the fury in the US is about now, as we realize how cheated we’ve been by our own Authorities.

I likewise encourage you to take a hard and truthful look at how children are affected by political and social attitudes and assumptions in your nation. Take a long look at what kind of people are being molded into the adults of 10-20 years from now. Is ignorance, complacency and/or apathy the modern day foot-binding of your society’s children, the crippling of your society’s future? Would you have your own children treated in such ways?

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