Tolkien Tribute w/ a nod to P. Jackson: DUET

 Merry to Pippin

You are a menace, Pippin Took,
the way that mischief follows you,
as impulse prompts the things you do–
Sometimes you’re begging to be shook!
Oh, Pippin, you are such a lad!
You’re never meaning to be bad,
You’re into every niche and nook
without a thought of what comes next
and when it does, you’re so perplexed!
You can’t not touch, you can’t not look!
You’ll burn those fingers, Pip, m’dear,
and mine as well, I truly fear,
And yet whatever schemes you cook,
you know I always will be there
to join the fun and have my share!
By me you’ll never be forsook:
I’m with you to whatever end,
your best and ever-lovin’ friend!

Pippin to Merry

Merry, my friend, great heart, old son–
easy for you to scowl and chide
but you can’t say you’ve just complied!
My deeds pale next to some you’ve done!
When you think up some loony scheme,
I go along ’cause we’re a team.
It’s you gets bored and wants some fun
exploring where we don’t belong,
or doing things that might be wrong.
Leisurely strolls turn into “RUN!”
when you’re involved, and that’s a fact!
I’ll try to say this with some tact:
Though, I admit, you’re second to none
at coming up with things to do,
this point I must make clear to you:
Merry, you’re not the tallest one!
But you know me, and come what may,
we’ll stick together all the way!


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