The Great Puzzle

I’ve been asking the Universe to explain itself to me since I was about 11 years old. I asked at that age, specifically, how to reconcile God with Science. I was raised in the household of a scientist and of a mystic, and both truths they offered made sense to me. I felt, even at 11, that there must be a reconciliation possible between them. All that is must have a place in the whole.

Over the course of my life–and I am now well into my 60s–answers to my question have emerged, undoubtedly more than I noticed. It’s a great, borderless, multi-dimensional jigsaw puzzle, with pieces coming from many sources, often from the collections of others on their own quests, solving their own portions of the Great Puzzle.

All that I write under this heading represents not Truth, but what I believe to be true. I have my reasons, and I like to believe, my reason. I offer my puzzle pieces for your consideration: some may be of use, some not so much. Take what you will, as the saying goes, and leave the rest.

Courteous comments and conversation are welcome, as ever!

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