“Millennials are ruining everything!”

I read this article…


Wow… Millennials are arrogantly having better taste than to eat at Applebees, have the cheek to choose to support small-owner businesses over big corporate chains, and are destructively not buying into the economics that sank their parents’ savings and home equities because the bankers could not be trusted to do their job honestly and with fundamental integrity.

Well, this is what happens, Empire Builders, when you despise, disregard and disrespect the builders of the very foundation of your empire. This is what happens when the consumers that provided your fortunes decide to consume elsewhere, because no one likes to be dissed and used. You have such a narrow view of what power is, you never saw this coming.

Everyone but the vested interests in fossil fuels knows that the day is done for fossil fuels. With people taking better care of their health–because you’ve screwed us with the costs of medicine and health-care–Buffalo Wings is going out of business.

Millennials have no savings, are not buying houses because they are already overwhelmed with the cost of living, some with the costs of providing for a family, and some with tuition depts, not to mention their having witnessed for themselves the venality and untrustworthiness of the Big Banks. The market for recycled clothing is growing while Macy’s struggles to keep on doing what they used to succeed at. The chariot-makers and the buggy-whip manufacturers know: Values change, needs and wants change, and if you don’t keep up with it, you are out of business.

The would-be oligarchs have forgotten that it takes a whole and healthy community for everyone to thrive. It takes mutual respect and a willingness to consider everyone’s needs. It takes a social consciousness and conscience, good faith and integrity. 

What nerve, to blame Millennials and their parents! They blame their victims, and are blaming their kids for declining to be their victims.

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