A sad reflection on pathological power

Thinking about Trump and Nixon, and about that special hubris common to narcissistic and criminal minds… The thing is, criminals think they are smarter than everyone else. They think they can outsmart the rest of the world. They really believe they can get away with anything. They are utterly blind to their own flaws and lacks. Their paranoia keeps them on edge and untrusting of anyone who suggests they are on a self-destructive path. In fact, they are desperately afraid, in their heart of hearts, of their inadequacy, of being revealed as the imposters they know they are, of being laughed at, rejected and denied.

The thing is, they are bound on that downward spiral towards their own disgrace, with every bad choice and stupid decision they make, trying to bend reality to their own delusions.

And almost always, when they go down, they take those maneuvering closest to them down, as well.

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