Lobsters On Parade

Across the abyssal plain, in waters weighted with the entire oceanand as utterly black as night can be,lit only by the thrashing sparking flaringof creatures bizarre by any notionof ourselves, the lubberly kind… Across these heavy deepsin measured tread of little feet crustacean,they march, determined in their questwith thoughts in mind, if there is any […]


“CLEAR!” I want my heart to move,to stir–to be touchedinto excitement,to pangs of poignancy…I want the worldto thrill me, charm me,make me laugh,delight me, inspire me to dance,to sing aloud,to share and givefrom my own open heart…and reach out,touching other hearts grown stiff and cold,to bring them backto life,to light–where all our hearts began. CL […]


OCTOPUS Lurking loosely,blobbishly unrolling,your enormous bulbous head a-lolling,with a kind of neckless grace as you come pouring down the faceof rocky coves and coral caves that shimmerwith a most enchanting glimmerthrough the roof of pulsing waves– Gem set in a jewel…Red or yellow,white and polka-dotsor maybe cobalt blue:Loosely committed to your shade, your shape also definedsort of by whatever space […]

Mystic Whispers: On the Half Shell

Out of the sea on rising foamVenus emerges,makes herself at home, and the Gods all pause a moment to lookand admire and plan…and their canny brains cook… The Goddesses, too– they look and they seea sister to themand a rival-to-be… For the proper attentions, there must always be,to Wisdom, and to Fidelity. And Discord smiles to […]


The impassioned moment’s passed,The fight’s gone out of me;tolerance and hope set inwith a sighand by-and-bythis latest violence,outrage, assault against the heart and soulwill pass–and leave me living still and still possessed of most of what I had; Life goes on sublime,absurd,expects the future stillmakes plans investsand wanders down the middle course again somewhere between the hopeless and the glad. Disappointment gnaws away at faith. Perhaps, because […]