Aldous Huxley saw it coming.

Brave New World is coming…

I am convinced, and have been for many years, that when our current dominant ‘civilization’ eats its own foundations out from under itself, the First Peoples of the Americas will still be here. And not just in the Americas: Indigenous peoples worldwide are stirring.

They who have cherished and remembered their cultures, who have fought to retain identity and values even as they have acquired knowledge and tools from Western cultures, will be the teachers and leaders. Their cultural values will move in over those imposed by European colonizers.

There is already a resurgence of land-based spirituality, that recognizes the connectedness of all things, and the life forces within all things, and with this foundation, sustainability will take the power out of greed: The greed-based and unsustainable will waste away.

I believe this because I believe in the power of Reality to outlast all the lies, the delusions, the pretenses. Reality, to paraphrase Philip K Dick, is that which when you ignore it doesn’t go away.

One delusion that was once defined the reality of the dominant powers of the Earth was that white Europeans were in all ways superior to the less-white, the non-European. This attitude of natural, God-granted superiority powered conquest and colonization around the world, establishing itself as a simple, unquestioned, unexamined Truth. It justified slavery; it justified the perversion of the term ‘race,’ making it a tool for suggesting that those not of whiteness were not the same race, not quite as human as white Europeans and therefore not as favored nor as protected by God.

Of course there have always been individuals who knew the lie for what it was, who measured human beings by their character and deeper qualities. There have always been those who swam against the current, who caused small eddies but could not move the entire ocean. But now the tide is turning. All the resistance and denial, all the turmoil happening now is always part of such change, but it can’t reverse or long resist the power of Moon and Sun and Reality.

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