Nature’s idea of justice is ‘natural selection.

So the Delusionary in the White House is willing to go with that. Which makes him pretty much a throw-back to his not-yet-human ancestors. The Rich Come First is the lowest kind of humanity. It is short-sighted, inward-looking, childish. “Good” is all about “Good/comfortable For Me Right Now.” Truth and Reality are obscured by wishful magical-thinking. His greatest delusion is that because he has the use of great sums of money, he is powerful, and because he is powerful, everything is his to command. 

Bullies equate fear with power, they weaponize your fears against you.
Their own lives are all about fear.

Having at the helm someone who has no concept of the long game, of how dominoes are lined up and what happens next, is a catastrophe for not just his own country, but the world, as the rock thrown into this pond will make global waves for years to come. His entire administration is infected with his own delusions about power and money, deliberately put in place to increase the flow of money to his allies and the people he wishes would like him and welcome him into their circles. He has no other priorities beyond his own interest, and so has been, by calculated mismanagement, dismantling all the superstructure and internal structure that holds up his pyramid of privilege.

Life is gonna be different for the next generations. C-19 is a thing, but so are water shortages, frackquakes, intensified storms, extreme heat waves, higher sea levels… situations we can live with, can adapt to, but can’t ignore. It’s crazy, even stupid to pretend otherwise, to not make preparations, to not design solutions we can live with.

Reality is that which, when you ignore it, doesn’t go away.

With forethought and action, the transitions that are coming can be made easier instead of all about panic and reaction. We can start now to move away from threatened shorelines, to design and build housing and infrastructure than can stand up to wild winds and floods.

The selfish, the frightened, the power- and money-hungry, like the poor, will always be with us. They are the children, the beginners in the great school of Life. But we can work towards a better balance between the savage and venal, and the humane. We can strive to be the adults, to take on the mantle of responsibility for those unable to rise to the need, even as we also continue to learn and rise.

True power is in acceptance of responsibility. 

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