I lived three summers, age3 to nearly 6, in northern California. This is how I remember it.

Summer heat–
sweet relief
in darkened hall
beneath the fan,
the rumbling wind,
the storm
that blew the cool
all through the house…
I’d catch a chill and die,
they claimed.
driven out to play,
I’d wait
another chance…

Summer feet–
freed from socks and keds
not always
sufficiently aware
of bees among the clovers
growing green in golden lawn…
Dancing barefoot over
dark macadam streets
all afternoon
but in the dusk
warm sidewalks
before I had to go to bed
the sky still blue…

Summer treat–
popsicles sweet and cold,
bright and sticky–
one stick or two
if pleading good behavior
won the prize
and we didn’t have to share…
we waited
dimes in hand,
for merry music dancing
on the summer evening air…

copyright 2006 by CLRedding

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