Something Old, Something New…

Years ago I started writing a bio for a Live Action Role Play–a vampires game–and it got kinda out of hand.

It grew to a point, then someone joined me to develop and write it further, and it grew by leaps and bounds… But that erstwhile partner left the project, just before I took it to a huge writer’s conference where I got some professional feedback for it–and some legal advice about any obligations to the previous partner.

I went through more revision phases with it, but after a time, being alone in the room with it, I set it aside, let it migrate into the shadows at the back of the closet.

Some weeks ago I pulled it out of the dark, and submitted a few pages to an event at another conference where it got some more, some fresh feedback, and suddenly, I got interested in it again. From there to this:

It isn’t just about serializing a novel, it is also now a project in the evolution of a novel on its road to mainstream publication, set up for others to participate, if they like. It will be like tackling the mountain together.

So, please give the link a click and check it out… Consider it not a request, but an invitation to an adventure!

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