The Light in the Middle of the Tunnel

“You don’t have a soul. You are a soul, you have a body.”
“What if we behaved as if the God in all life matters?”
“You are special: And so is everyone else.”
“Youth delights in cleverness; Age, in kindness.”
“What you have is what you wanted most.”

There are words that suddenly turn lights on, that wake us up, that reframe the world and turn our ideas of Reality sideways, even flip it right side up.

Sometimes they are gifts, dropping suddenly, unlooked for, answers to questions we had not realized we were even asking. Or, maybe, revealing to us the questions we most need to ask ourselves.

Sometimes we ask, and it is our own inner wisdom that shines the light on the answer we had all along, but had lost it like a single toy in a darkened attic.

Sometimes it is the conclusion at the end of a chain of logic: inevitable, and made true by all the beliefs we’ve accepted along the way, not realizing where they led until suddenly we turn the corner, and there it is: the reward at the end of a treasure-hunt we followed, decyphering the way clue by clue.

I started this with some of those words that have been like that for me, simple lamps lighting moments of epiphany that changed how I understood the world, how I understood myself.

What words have changed your path, or suddenly enlightened it, suddenly showed you options you never realized before?

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