Raw: Another Morning After

Each morning waking
you are less and less
in my first thought
and shame is passing
into just embarrassment
and simple pain.

Yet still my eye–
with each flicker of a glance
of what I saw you in
that passes in the road
or on the screen
or in a passing thought–
still shies away,
seeks haven in any other thing.

But there are so few
that have not you
within them for me:
You were that important.
No. Not you.
It was that important
that you were there.

I write it now, revealing
in this space where you
will never come
will never see or know:
I would not share this now with you
no matter how for me I wish you knew
because I still believe
that where you are,
you wander still lost
in a greater pain than mine.

April 27, 2011

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