Paradise Left

Milton wrote PARADISE LOST from the Victorian Biblical perspective, but that is not the only way to look at or resolve the same mythical problems of suffering and death, and how we got some good, important things to make human life better, and civilization possible.

In the accounts of Genesis, Biblical and earlier, the serpent is Satan, the Adversary, the Liar–a clear villain.  But he gives Man the fruits of knowledge, of awareness of right and wrong… in other words, understanding, morality and ethics. 

In the Greek mythos, it was Prometheus who stole fire from the gods and gave it to Man. He is not thought of as a villain, except, of course, by the gods. Both are known by the same name: Light-bringer.

Imagine this scenario, then… Adam and Eve have eaten the apple: they have acquired reason and critical thought, and most importantly, creative thought.  I don’t think God and the Angels evicted them from Paradise, where everything was easy-peasy… I don’t think they lost Paradise: I suggest that they abandoned it, because wonderful and perfect as it was, they could imagine more exciting things, they could imagine creating gardens and homes of their own.  Of their own

Human beings are not the sort to remain content in a perfect garden, all things provided for.  We love to solve problems! Therefore, we need problems. Sure, when we feel overwhelmed by problems, we may dream of Eden, but it isn’t really what we want.

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