The Long Flight Home

A few years ago, my son was on his way home from college for the holidays, but our airport was under assault by snow and wind, and so incoming flights from other airports, like his, were delayed and then cancelled. I started for the airport, a two-hour trip each way in the weather–3 times, only to hear the flight was not coming. He lived in the Denver airport for 4 days before he got a standby seat, and was finally actually arriving. I wrote this as I waited at a restaurant near the airport.

Everything will be all right
as soon as we are home tonight–
all the miles, all passed by,
distances closed with a hug and a sigh…
Now I’ll enjoy without a qualm
the snow behind this evening’s calm;
the house will be alive with chatter–
nothing now can be the matter.
I don’t care now how deep it gets
or if wind plays branches like castanets,
if roads are too slick, or hills too steep
or where you’ve safely found to sleep–
As soon as we are home tonight,
everything will be all right!

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