Journal reprise: Bullwhips & Dinosaurs

I’ve been going through some old posts on my account, and came across this gem from 2009 when he was in college, age 24.

Got this email from my son in response to the query of what he plans to herd with the pair of 10-foot bullwhips he wants for Christmas.  I guessed dinosaurs, and was on the money:

It only works on certain dinosaurs of course.  Maiosaurs, Edmontosaurs, Corythosauruses, and such.  You would think Iguanadons, but they have these pretty nasty thumbspikes they are not afraid of using if they get pissed off or feel threatened.  And you always have to watch out and make sure you don’t create a stampede.  Using a whip to scare a triceratops is just asking for a new chest cavity.    It may run a raptor off for a while, but of course with them its the ones you see that you don’t really have to worry about.  And then of course you always have to be careful not to let the big ones associate the whip-crack, which can be heard for miles, with food.  Strangely enough it’s pretty good against baryonyx.  They are mean but prefer fish.  It is ideal however for running off Compsagnathi and squirrels both.  Pops their little heads right off.

He currently writes and makes stuff as The Fire Thieves Studio here on WordPress, and on Patreon.

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