Journal: Home Garden Report

I harvested all the ripe tomatoes today and had them with my breakfast. Cherry tomatoes… 3!  And there are a couple of bell peppers growing nicely, which are green now, but will, I think, go red later on. The squash flower on prolifically, but I am not seeing much in the way of actually squash fruits. But there are  two nice little eggplants that I should probably cook with soon. The potatoes are leafing wildly, but I restrain any impulse to yank anything up just to see how they are doing below ground.

Resident on the deck garden are the latest brood of dovelings–saw a wee one over the edge of the nest just yesterday!  That makes three this summer, and this the third summer they have nested on my deck. From what I know of Eurasian Collared Doves, they have no particular breeding season, and quite often just when the fledglings have flown, I begin to hear that throaty ‘come hither’ cooing in the near vicinity.

This would be a good time to carry water to the front deck plants, the ones that get little benefit from almost daily showers. They get some splash from the real humdinger downpours, but we haven’t seen one of those the past few days. There is a volunteer from splashed birdseed, a sunflower about to bloom in a windowbox at the edge outside the railing. They are my favorite ones, all brilliant yellow blossoms!

In my kitchen there is a little tub into which I toss eggshells, pepper seeds and squash seeds that appear when I am preparing veggies to cook. It is nearly full, and the plan is to carelessly toss them into one of the raised beds by the back fence, and see what happens. My gardening technique one might call ‘prehistoric.’

Out there, the wild bird garden is near fruiting with millet seeds which may, in turn, bloom with various wild birds. You do plant wild bird seed to get wild birds.

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